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Netduino – 3. Making sounds

(A post I drafted a while ago. Thought I’d better update it!) A piezo speaker or buzzer of the sort found in small toys and birthday cards can be powered and controlled by the netduino. They can be bought separately … Continue reading

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Netduino – 2. Program the Button to control the LED

I’m still waiting for some bits and pieces to arrive so I can actually connect something up to the Netduino. Perhaps I’ll use a breadboard so I don’t have to do any soldering yet. In the meantime I’ll have a … Continue reading

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Netduino – 1. First Steps

I received my Netduino last week. This is an electronics prototyping board with a microcontroller that runs the .Net Micro Framework 4.1. It’s great for someone like me who wants to focus on learning electronics without the additional step of … Continue reading

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