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.Net developer based in Brighton, UK. Interested in software, science, local politics and environment

TDD Survey 2017

TDD Survey 2017 I created a survey on TDD . The aim was to uncover any patterns in usage, and discover issues that people face. The survey was sent out via my personal twitter and facebook feeds. It was also sent … Continue reading

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Answers – Annual Geek Christmas Quiz – 2015

Here are the answers to the post from last week – Xmas Geek Quiz! Films/Sci-Fi Luke Skywalker’s name was originally written as Luke Starkiller J.J. Abrams directed the latest Star Wars film Siths nearly always have red light sabers.  2001 A … Continue reading

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Annual Geek Christmas Quiz – 2015

Films/Sci-Fi What was Luke Skywalker’s name in the original Star Wars screenplay? Who directed the latest Star Wars film – (The Force Awakens)? What colour are the Sith’s light sabers? What year was the film 2001 A space odyssey released? … Continue reading

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STEM Volunteering at Big Bang Fair 2015

So this year, I decided to apply to become a STEM ambassador. This is a scheme run  Brighton University to encourage those in industry to inspire the next generation into these subjects. The great thing about the STEM Net programme … Continue reading

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Brighton Codebar

Codebar is a Meetup group in Brighton, London and Cambridge for minorities in Tech. The idea is to make coding exciting for people who have not always been encouraged into tech before. The group is mainly for Women or LGBTQ … Continue reading

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Netduino – 3. Making sounds

(A post I drafted a while ago. Thought I’d better update it!) A piezo speaker or buzzer of the sort found in small toys and birthday cards can be powered and controlled by the netduino. They can be bought separately … Continue reading

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The power of the written word

Today, serendipitous events have conspired to help me start writing this blog again. 1) Losing myself in the minutiae of details, when really, I just want to appreciate the bigger picture and help other to do the same. 2) Realising that … Continue reading

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