STEM Volunteering at Big Bang Fair 2015

So this year, I decided to apply to become a STEM ambassador. This is a scheme run  Brighton University to encourage those in industry to inspire the next generation into these subjects. The great thing about the STEM Net programme is that they do the DBS checks for you and can facilitate in organising attending events. They also can give advice and training.

My first opportunity came last week when I volunteered to help at the Big Bang Fair SE 2015 in Ardingly.

Big Bang Fair South East

The event was well attended by primary schools around the south east. It was the perfect day to get going and help with ushering and directing people around the showground. The kids absolutely loved every minute.

The exhibits and workshops were quite diverse. The Accelerator was a blow up structure which you run through and it measures your speed, it took a bit of setting up but was quite simple in the end. The Mary Rose table showed the physics of the ship and why it sank. There were fun stalls like Noisy toys, which showed how a current can produce sounds – even when applied through children! The part I showed children round had a brilliant science fiction show, some great workshops and a rocket science talk.

For anyone wanting to start with volunteering, even without much science knowledge, it’s a great thing to get into. Definitely Looking forward to helping again next year!


About octoberclub

.Net developer based in Brighton, UK. Interested in software, science, local politics and environment
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