The power of the written word

Today, serendipitous events have conspired to help me start writing this blog again.

1) Losing myself in the minutiae of details, when really, I just want to appreciate the bigger picture and help other to do the same.

2) Realising that I have had perhaps the most educational year of my life in terms of working with like-minded & inspirational people and yet I have not blogged about my experience.

3) Reading these posts:

Like Erling, I have passion  for new technology. I often show it, but only in a instant and usually only in conversation or email. Perhaps I am liberated. Perhaps I don’t feel the need to publicise myself.  I often feel a little uncomfortable expressing a hard opinion particularly in public on the web. But I always get excited about technologies or new ideas and that passion should be shared.

If I wrote down some of the things I’m thinking, then perhaps I might come back to it in years to come. Perhaps others might understand where I am coming from. Perhaps I would also discover more about myself in the act of writing my thoughts

So, today marks a new era. I’m planning to start blogging again.

This is more a promise to myself than anything else, but in any case, here are some of the things I’d like to write more about soon:

  • NCrunch
  • Octopus Deploy
  • Approval Tests
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Netduino
  • Code Club
  • Git
  • TeamCity
  • RoundHousE database deploy
  • Fitnesse
  • Specflow
  • BDD
  • TDD
  • Approval Tests
  • Educational Software
  • NoSQL
  • AppHarbour
  • NUnit Action Attributes
  • Functional Programming
  • Pomodoro technique
  • UI Testing
  • Removing dead code
  • Logging
  • I’m sure there’s more….!

About octoberclub

.Net developer based in Brighton, UK. Interested in software, science, local politics and environment
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